mega mega mega awesome babe (horror_romance) wrote in anti_mom,
mega mega mega awesome babe

pointless rant? plea for advice? you be the judge.

my son is driving me up the motherfucking wall these last few days.

he's 17 months old, he's getting over a nasty cold that had him feverish for about 3 days and now he's got the faucet-nose. he hasn't seen a doctor because duh- he has a cold. other than that, most of the time he seems fine. he'll play (as long as someone's sitting right next to him helping him with toys and shit) and run around and he's eating and drinking fine, so his health isn't my concern.

what i AM concerned about is that he's suddenly become REALLY aggressive. he isn't regularly exposed to violence, but we did go to a MMA (mixed martial arts) training center the other day so i could take some photos and he saw a bunch of dudes pummeling each other. but seriously, that couldn't possibly be why he's started LOSING IT every time he gest frustrated. i've been known to get hella pissed and yell at him, but it's definitely not an every day, all day occurrence so i don't know if that's the problem either.

he's just going through this phase where his tantrums have gone from crying a little bit and the occasional scream, to EAR PIERCING SHRIEKS and THROWING HIMSELF ON THE FLOOR. all the 'literature' says to ignore it, since he's doing it for attention, but it takes EVERY SINGLE OUNCE OF MY MENTAL ENERGY to not scream at him to SHUT THE FUCK UP when he's freaking out over something like, oh- i don't know, the fact that he purposely set a ball on the floor in front of himself and now he's too fucking lazy to pick it up? like, maybe he's practicing his telekinetic powers and he's pissed that he can't levitate it, i don't know. his new favorite game- sitting on the couch and throwing a ball on the floor, and then SCREAMING HYSTERICALLY until someone picks it up and hands it to him. i know- i know- DON'T HAND IT TO HIM, RIGHT? easier said than done.

please tell me this is just a phase. an awful, horrendous, irritating, SHORT-LIVED phase. hurry, before i start posting from jail because I SMOTHERED MY TODDLER.

edited to add:

oh yeah, and it REALLY doesn't help that EVERY SINGLE TIME I PICK HIM UP to try and calm him down, he shoves both hands down the front of my shirt and whines "PWEEEEEEASE! PWEAAAASE!" and if i say no, he starts screaming and slaps me in the face. how the fuck am i ever going to wean this jerk without just cutting him off? i'm starting to hate nursing him, but the idea of stopping makes me so sad. dilemmas, dilemmas.
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