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Anti-Moms Unite

no crazy ass LJ moms here

Anti Mom
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anti_mom is for mothers, mothers to be or people who want to have children but don't want to become baby obsessed psychos that lose themselves to the process. It is about acceptance, open mindedness and bringing cool little people into the world while still being a cool person yourself.

Why anti_mom? To create a community that is tight nit, educated, intelligent and well moderated. We all want to avoid internet drama and exposure to stupid and judgemental mommy patrol. This is also for us to connect with like-minded parents or parents to be. Swap stories, tips, product reviews, ask and share for advice. Wanna rant about meddling strangers, co-workers and relatives? Well this is the place for you.

There aren't many rules other than:

1. The first rule of anti_mom is we don't talk about anti_mom. what does this mean? Please don't mention this community on other parenting communities or advertise about it anywhere on LJ. It attracts the crazies/trolls/drama mongers and we don't want them here.

2. Respect one another. Any people who are obvious trolls, flamers or drama mongers will be booted. No questions asked.

3. No spamming the community with community promos or otherwise.

4. LJ-Cut is your friend so super long posts and huge pictures should be put behind a cut.

5. If you have loot to sell, post all info behind a cut. You're welcome to sell your stuff on here, just don't be annoying about it.

6. This is not a forum for pro-choice/pro-life debate, militant boob nazis, nazi cloth diaperers and formula haterz. Take it elsewhere. Just accept that we all have our points of view and opposing sides will never really agree with one another. Lets leave it at that, shall we?

7. If you're posting a topic that may be sensitive in nature, please consider an LJ cut and/or making it a friend only post so only community members can read it.

8. Community member intros are not necessary or mandatory but you are welcome to post one if you want to.

9. Cross posting is annoying and weaksauce. Do it elsewhere.

Please note that membership to this community is moderated. Mostly all requests are approved unless the account in question is inactive, a drama queen or an obvious LJ troll. We really want this to be a drama free community. We gauge your approval on your posts and other things like the communities you pertain to in effort to see if you would be a good fit for our community. It is really hard to do that if your journal is friends only. If you belong to communities with the words "drama" or "snark" or other nameless parenting communities that have a reputation for being bitches and shit talkers, it will reduce your approval rate significantly. So if your journal is locked and you pertain to drama communities you may be denied membership. We call this "preservation". :)

If you have any issues, questions, concerns, complaints or suggestions you can contact serialkiller @ serial_killer_bean@yahoo.com or any of the other mods.

mods: serialkiller, suthrncan and horror_romance