Moogilicious (mooglosaurus) wrote in anti_mom,

I just discovered something...

I just got sick with a gastroente-I dunno the name in English, sorry.

I got meds and the doctor told me to feed the princess formula and to pump and throw away my milk. Since it's Easter, I had the worst possible time trying to contact a lactation consultant. Just got off the phone with her. She told me that it's perfectly safe to breastfeed with these meds. Apparently, of almost all regular meds, only 1/1000 of the amount prescribed by pediatricians on babies goes through the milk of a breastfeeding mom (does this sound like an understandable sentence?).
Of course, it's always best to get the advice of a professional but it's a good thing to know that I have been feeding my kid formula and throwing away perfectly healthy milk...

Crappy Easter, by the way. Le boyfriend escaped to his parents with the princess so I couldn't contaminate her so I'm spending our first Easter alone with my cats. And the rain they promised isn't here either so I'm locked inside with massive sun outside U.U

From tomorrow on, all can only be good again, no?
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