Moogilicious (mooglosaurus) wrote in anti_mom,


Scarlett is cheating on me... There's the nanny now... ^^
I thought it would be heartbreaking to leave her with the nanny but it's not. It's just so friggin' unnatural to me... I can't understand the necessity of me going to work and leaving my kid to someone unknown so she can make a living.
I can leave her for a couple of hours to go out or to do the stuff that need to be done around the house but I can't grasp the necessity of me going back to work when it should be my task to stay at home and take care of a human being who actually NEEDS me.

I discover more and more about the 50's, where everyone suddenly decided that being human was unnatural. Hugging, cosleeping, breastfeeding,... so everyone suddenly decided to put babies in separate bedrooms, to stop asking for advice to people of their community and started to take the medical and ultrahygenic world as being God, to stop cuddling & hugging, to stop carrying babies and stuff...
It's unnatural!

The feminist cause has stopped where it shouldn't have. Feminism is not about forcing women to do the same things as men. "Man" is not the standard to be reached. Feminism is about giving women the choice of what they want to do. I don't want to go back to work, I want to stay at home and take care of my kid, do some volunteering, breastfeed and enjoy it! But I can't because there is no financial possibility of doing this.

Feminism isn't done yet!! There's much more to do!! Right here as well as far away!
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