Insanity Abounds (quitereasonable) wrote in anti_mom,
Insanity Abounds

Bath Temperature

My sister bought me the fireman version of Tommee Tippee Super Safety Bath Duck for my Katie Bug. It checks the water temperature so you can tell if it is too hot to put the baby in the bath. I used it for her bath today and turned the water a lot cooler than I have been using so far (prior to this I was using the elbow technique). She seemed to be okay at the new temperature at first, but when I pulled her out her feet and hands were purple. I FREAKED out. I thought it was an allergic reaction to something at first and wrapped her tight in the towel while I rushed around the house looking for my cell phone so I could call the doctor. By the time I found it I had calmed down a little bit and noticed that she was changing back to a normal color. I'm going back to giving her warm baths and throwing out the ducky.
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