Moogilicious (mooglosaurus) wrote in anti_mom,

Two questions

Hey all!

I've got two questions:

* I've started to try and pump my milk to feed the little witchlet. When do I do this? Do I pump one brest while she feeds off the other? Do I do it in between feedings? Right after she fed? When is the best time to have enough milk to provide? Is it normal I have more milk in the morning? How much do I need?

* The little witchlett sleeps in my bed, le boyfriend prefers to sleep where he isn't woken up by boobs & cries. So we sleep alone in one big bed (even if I miss my man, I loooove watching her sleep ^^ ). However, between 4.00 AM and 6.00 AM, there is one hour where she is wide awake. I can barely keep my eyes open then and can hardly play with her at that time. And, like all babies, she makes a lot of noises while sleeping. My friends tell me to just put her in her own room so I can get enough sleep but as long as she eats at night, I refuse to even think about it. How do you manage to get enough sleep at night between baby noises and wide awake babies?

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